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Gmail problems for Google child accounts on Android

If you're having trouble sending and/or receiving mail on Android using a Google supervisied account or a Google child account, check "Parental settings > Filters on Google Chrome". If it's on "Only allow certain sites", change it to "Try to block mature sites" and this should resolve your issue.
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DIY wooden playground

Free video editing on Android with Google Photos

A good video editor on Android is hard to come by. Most Google Play Store video editors are ad-infested, add watermarks, have terrible UI, work poorly or are sketchy clones of each other with fake reviews.

InShot is one of the best I tried but Google Photos is a simple alternative you probably already have installed:

In Google Photos, select videos you'd like to editClick + button and create a MovieClick ♪ button to remove / change the musicUse scrub bars below to trim the videosClick Save when you're done
This produces a Movie which you can download (mine was Full HD) - might have to wait a bit while Google generates the file on the server.
There are a few issues with this approach:

Without music, there's a 0.5 sec silence between the videosLimited editing controls, no effects, stickers, etc - if you're into thatOutput resolution / compression is not adjustable

Fixing the Bosch mixer shredder

We bought a new Bosch mixer a few months ago. Previous one died after few years but had the same problem as the new one: as soon as a bit of water gets onto the shredder head, it starts spitting rusty liquid into the shredding can.

The head has "no water" sign on it but it's impossible to avoid all water contact since drops of food get on it during the operation and have to be cleaned somehow.

The head can be basically pulled apart as it has no screws or glue, start on the side and then pull the internal bottom gear away.

The problem is clear: metal collet hiding inside the bottom gear is completely covered in rust. It's not staneless and not even lubricated.

Overnight vinegar bath and a lot of paper towels mostly fix that.

Assembling back with a lot of food-safe silicone grease.

Covering the metal with grease from all sides to delay rusting next time water gets on it.

Final assembly requires pushing down the top pin.

Filling in the side wall damage with grease and …

How to fix a squeaking trampoline

It's our second year with Ampel 24 305 cm trampoline. First year, it started squeaking more or less immediately after assembly. I tired fixing that with spray lubrication, household lubrication oil and food-safe silicon grease. Nothing helped.

The solution that we have good results with this year is:
Use industrial multi-purpose greaseApply with a brush to all metal-on-metal connections including frame and spring endsWe made sure to apply it on both sides of the connection e.g. outside of the male and inside the female frame endsAlso apply inside the bolt holes and under the washer - this will likely cause your bolts to get loose faster so check them regularly There are downsides to this, of course. It about doubles the assembly time, especially if you'd like to wipe off the excess, and the nasty grease gets on some of the things you didn't want it on.

Result is a squeak-less trampoline. We had to come again to some of the springs and grease some more as there was a bit of…

Grünbeck softliQ:SC18 - my experience

I installed Grünbeck softliQ:SC18 as a replacement for GENO-K4. Bought from egshop-ulm on for 1479 EUR with a bag of salt included. Later I also bought and installed a special drain connector 188875.
Installation Installation took 2 hours and minimal amount of tools because both use the same 190mm connector and I didn't have to install the ends.

Installation steps are nicely laid out in the manual.

One curious point is that the service interval is also set during initial installation. I assume that if your installer will set it to 1 year, as recommended in Germany, the device will stop working after that period - but I'm not sure.
Water taste I'm quite happy with SC18. The water taste did change for the worse due to additional 100mg of Natrium but we got used to it. Any salt-based water softener would do that and SC18 in particular adds 8.2mg/L for every dH removed.

I did a chemical water analysis a few weeks after the installation and didn't see any changes a…

Transparent PC case

My old PC was taking too much space under the desk. I decided to make smaller case for it. I didn't want to use cardboard or chipboard but went with the acrylic / plexiglas in hopes of getting a better look. It didn't quite work out though.

Nobody knew that acrylic is so hard to jigsaw :-) So I settled for the 3D-printed front piece. The rest I was able to jigsaw and sand or cut-and-break.

It was very helpful to take a front photo of the case and use it as a template in Fusion 360.

I tried gluing the acrylic pieces together but it didn't hold very well and the glues smell awfully. Also, you might want to be able to open the case at a later point :-) So I used a soldering iron tip to force the M3 sockets into my 5mm walls.

Overall, it worked out OK for the first attempt at a PC case.

If I'd do it again, here are the few things I would do differently:

Buy a cheap table saw to cut the acrylicUse acrylic solvent glue instead of a general purpose clear oneFigure out a bette…